Judge Bill Rummer



  • ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY - Graduate B.S. Business Management and                                                                                                        Finance
  • ARIZONA JUDICIAL COLLEGE -  Graduate with 95% grades
  • PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY - Graduate of Straus Institute                                                   Alternative Dispute Programs
  • ARIZONA SUPREME COURT (COJET) - Approximately 225 hours to date including



                       Jury Management - Judges Best Practices

                       4th Amendment Search & Seizure,

                       5th & 14th Amendment Due Process

                       6th Amendment Right to Counsel, 6th Amendment recent case law,

                       U. S. Supreme Court Updates,

                       Civil Case Management

                       Restitution/Economic Loss,

                       Legal Writing,

                       Managing Challenging Personalities in the Court,

                       Evidence Rules,

                       Risk Assessment - Release Conditions After Arrest,

                       Small Claims,

                       Managing Unrepresented Litigants Fairly

                       Civil Traffic Hearing Officer

                            ... and More

  • YAVAPAI COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT (COJET) - Graduate - Court Mediator Training
  • ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE - Graduate - Court Mediator Training

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Committee to Re-Elect Rummer Mayer Justice